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Sikadur 32

We sell Sikadur 32, an epoxy adhesive that bonds fresh plastic concrete to hardened concrete and steel. It can also be used as a general structural adhesive. This is a product page to help you learn more about Sikadur 32. If you are ready to buy, check it out in our webstore!


Sika is the leading brand in structural engineering sealing solutions from grouts to adhesives to bonding agents. Sika's Sikadur 32 is formulated to be moisture-tolerant before, during, and after cure. It can also grout horizontal cracks in structural concrete and wood by gravity feed. It has a fast initial set and rapid gain to ultimate strength. Check out the full specifications below!

Sikadur 32

Sikadur 32

Technical Data (.pdf)
MSDS Part A (.pdf)
MSDS Part B (.pdf)

Sikadur 32, Hi-Mod, is a multi-purpose, 2-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant structural epoxy adhesive. It conforms to the current ASTM C-881 and AASHTOM-235 specifications.

• Bond fresh, plastic concrete to hardened concrete and steel.
• Grout horizontal cracks in structural concrete and wood by gravity feed.
• Machinery and ‘robotic’ base-plate grout.
• Structural adhesive for concrete, masonry, metal, wood, etc.

• Super-strength bonding/grouting adhesive.
• Tolerant to moisture before, during and after cure.
• Excellent adhesion to most structural materials.
• Convenient easy-to-mix ratio A:B = 1:1 by volume.
• Easy-to-use for bonding/grouting applications.
• Fast initial set; rapid gain to ultimate strengths.
• USDA-certified for use in food plants. • Effective vapor barrier after cure.

To bond fresh concrete to hardened concrete: Apply by brush, roller, broom or spray. Place fresh concrete while Sikadur 32, Hi-Mod, is still tacky. If coating becomes glossy and loses tackiness, remove any surface contaminants then recoat with additional Sikadur 32 Hi-Mod, and proceed.
To grout baseplates: Add up to 1 1/2 parts of oven-dried aggregate to 1 part of mixed Sikadur 32, Hi-Mod, by volume. Place grout under baseplate. Avoid contact with the underside of the plate. A 1/4 to 3/8 in. (6 to 10 mm) space should remain between the top of the grout and the bottom of the plate. Maximum thickness of grout per lift is 1.5 in. (38 mm) If multiple lifts are needed, allow preceding layer to cool to touch before applying additional layer. The remaining 1/4 to 3/8 in. (6 to 10 mm) space should be filled with neat Sikadur 32 Hi-Mod. Pour a sufficient quantity of neat epoxy to allow the level to rise slightly higher than the underside of the bearing plate.
To gravity feed cracks: Pour neat material into vee-notched crack. Continue placement until completely filled. Seal underside of slab prior to filling if cracks reflect through.

• Bonding Adhesive - 1 gal. covers approximately 80 sq. ft. on smooth surface.
• Base Plate Grout - 1 gal. mixed with 1.5 parts oven-dried aggregate by loose volume yields approximately 420 cu. in. of grout.
• Anchoring grout - 1 gal. yields 231 cu. in. of grout.
(Product quantity is 4 gallons.)