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Non-Slip Floor Coating Additives

Here you will find all of your non-slip floor coating additives needs. We carry multiple/all grit sizes & types of non-slip additives. If you can't find something that you're looking for, please give us a call at 1-800-227-8479.

Non-skid Description:
Surfaces coated with high-gloss epoxy may become slippery when wet. For additional slip resistance in areas of pedestrian traffic, use a Non-Skid Additive. The non-skid will provide tiny bumps onto the floor and prevent slipping.

Here is what is included on this page:
Original Color Chips Non-Skid Addtives | Glass Beads | Non-Slip Additives | Polypropylene Suspending Beads | Slip Resistant Additive

Original Color Chips Non-Skid Additive

Original Color Chips Non-Skid Additive

Grit Sizes:
• 64
• 24
• 36
• 54
• 180

Non-skid Application:
Surfaces coated with high-gloss epoxy may become slippery when wet. For additional slip resistance in areas of pedestrian traffic, use the Non-Skid Additive. After you have applied your base coat, use the Original Color Chips Easy Sprinkle Can to sprinkle grit onto base coat. Then once dry, apply clear coat over grit to create bumps in the texture. Be sure not to apply non-skid in too high-concentration. Sprinkle 1 can (1.5 lbs.) of non-skid per 500 square feet.

For a more aggressive non-skid application, sprinkle the non-skid in the clear coat by rolling out area, sprinkling the desired coverage then back-rolling over area to seal the non-skid into clear coat.


Glidden Slip Resistant Additive (formerly Groundworks™)

GROUNDWORKS™ Slip Resistant Additive

A finely ground polymer material to be added to paint, concrete stains or sealers to achieve a slip resistant surface on walkways, driveways, garage floors, patios, pool decks and other horizontal surfaces.

The groundworks is a micronized polypropylene which suspends in the surface of the clear topcoat.

While continually stirring your clear topcoat, mix in one can of Groundworks per 1 gallon of clear topcoat.

White powder, transparent in clear coatings

0.90 g/cc

Mean Particle Size:
160-180 (microns)
50 (mesh)

• Increases traction & slip resistance
• Long lasting, uniform suspension in thin bodied materials
• Can be added to water & solvent-based stains, paints & clear sealers
• Small particle size & rounded nature creates slip resistant surface that is more comfortable to bare feet
• Excellent for use on pool decks, patios, & garage floors
• Creates a subtle textured finish
• Micronized polypropylene
• Not manufactured with lead or mercury containing materials.