Norklad 100-M / 100% Solids Epoxy Clear Coat (1,500+ sq/ft)

  • Model: NORK100-M-15
  • Manufactured by: Original Color Chips Company

Norklad 100-M 100% Solids Solvent-Free Epoxy Clearcoat
High Build/Self Leveling

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Norklad 100-M 100% Solids Solvent-Free Epoxy Clearcoat
High Build/Self Leveling 

Norklad 100-M is a medium viscosity 100% solids epoxy coating. It is an extremely durable finish coat for concrete flooring applications. Norklad 100-M provides outstanding filling and leveling characteristics, while also providing a high gloss finish.  

1,500+ Square Feet Coverage

Norklad 100-M can be applied to primed concrete surfaces in manufacturing areas, aisle ways, and commercial and institutional facilities. Norklad 100-M is nearly odorless and contains no v.o.c.’s  

Surface Preparation: Assure substrate to be coated is clean, dry, and in sound condition. All laitance, curing compounds, concrete hardeners, and other surface contaminants must be removed.  

Shot-blast or acid etch areas to be coated. Refer to Original Color Chips surface preparation videos and data sheets for detailed recommendations.  

Mixing: This product does have a potlife (25 minutes @ 72 degrees). Make sure that all aspects of the application process are in order and ready to proceed with product mixing. Thoroughly stir contents of part a and then mechanically mix part a and part b together for at least two minutes.


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