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Concrete Prep Grinder Machines

No matter how new OR clean the concrete is, it will need a rough textured surface in order to achieve maximum epoxy adhesion. The rougher the better. There are many ways to etch (or roughen) the surface of the concrete: Acid Etching (using muriatic acid or our etch n' clean solution), Grinding the surface with a Floor Grinder/Scarifier, or Shot Blasting.

Though Acid Etching is the easiest, it can sometimes take multiple applications to sufficiently etch the concrete then you have to allow it to dry. More and More flooring contractors use a Floor Grinder with diamond plates to roughen up the concrete because it doesn't take as long as the acid prep. You can roughen the floor, sweep the debris away, and apply your epoxy in one day and it roughens the concrete much more effectively.

Also, if your coating concrete that has been sealed with a sealer, it is necessary to use a floor grinder to prepare the concrete. Using the grinder will open up the pores of the concrete to allow the epoxy to sink in, therefore achieving maximum adhesion.

CPS G-170 Grinder Kit
CPS G-170 Grinder Kit The G-170 single-head grinder is an easy-to-operate planetary grinder great for first time grinders or polishers! Its...


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CPS G-250 Grinder Kit - Electric
CPS G-250 Grinder Kit - Electric The G-250 is an easy-to-operate planetary grinder great for first time grinders or polishers! Its lightweight and...


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CPS G-250XTP Propane Grinder Kit
CPS G-250XTP Propane Grinder Kit The G-250XTP has the same lightweight frame and narrow profile as the standard G-250 for easy operation in tight...


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CPS G-290 Grinder Kit - Electric
CPS G-290 Grinder Kit - Electric The G-290 is an easy-to-operate planetary grinder! Its strong aluminum frame, 10hp engine and single or three-phase...


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CPS G-290XTP Propane Grinder Kit
CPS G-290XTP Propane Grinder Kit The G-290 Pro has the same profile as the standard G-290 for maximum power. It is designed for heavy duty grinding...


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CPS G-320D Grinder Kit
CPS G-320D Grinder Kit Stronger, Better, Bolder! The G-320D has received a complete overhaul, and a shot of adrenaline! With a souped up 20hp motor,...


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CPS G-320DPro Grinder Kit
CPS G-320DPro Grinder Kit With over 8 years in production in Tennessee, CPS is proud to offer the latest update to our #1 selling propane powered...


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CPS Cat 5 Dust Extractor Kit
CPS Cat 5 Dust Extractor Kit The Cat-5 Dust Extractor’s design helps you maintain focus on the job and not downtime. This system’s pleated...


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CPS Cat 5 Propane Extractor Kit
Imagine no more cords, no more generators, no more electrical hook ups, no more power cord pull time, and no more coordination problems caused by...


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NEW Floor Grinder / Concrete Prep Machine
This is a brand new Onfloor 16 Floor Grinder / Scarifier / Sander . It comes complete with either the Red Diamond Concrete Plates OR The Carbide...


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USED Floor Grinder / Concrete Prep Machine
This is a USED (only a handful of times) Onfloor 16 Floor Grinder / Scarifier / Sander . It comes complete with either the Red Diamond Concrete...


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DG-16 Diamond Grinder / Polisher
The DG-16 has the ability to grind within 1" of a vertical surface. The flexibility between grinding and polishing, and the virtually dust free...


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SCB-1200 Shot Blaster w/ Blast Head
The SCB-1200 features a removable dust containment box with wheels for ease of dumping. One handed operation controls for raising and lowering heads,...

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Call for price

EDGEKutter Edge Grinder and Edge Polisher
EDGEKutter is an extension grinding/polishing tool that was designed from the ground up to address the issue of operator fatigue. The EdgeKutter is...



CONQUER20 20" Grinder
The Conquer20™ Grinder/Polisher is equipped with a sturdy, well balanced chassis and a powerful 5HP cast iron motor that provides the floor...



CONQUER25 25" Grinder
With nearly 500lbs of muscle, the Conquer25 Concrete Grinder/Polisher incorporates a dual phase 7.5hp motor and a 25" grinding path. The...



CONQUER25 LP 25" Propane Grinder
Kut-Rite has partnered with Onyx Environmental Solutions to produce the most versatile propane operated grinder/polisher available in the industry....


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CONQUER30 30" Concrete Grinder
The Conquer 30 VS features a "low profile edge" that can easily reach underneath shelving, cabinets, and other hard to reach places. This...



CONQUER Twin Concrete Grinder
The Innovative Conquer Twin concept incorporates two passive planetary turntables with three abrasive drivers each. The turntables are positioned one...



Kut-Rite KR7 Hand Grinder & Polisher
The KR7 handheld grinder and variable speed polisher provide an economical solution to edging detail. Use the KR7 handheld grinder to clean concrete,...



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